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Why Print Marketing Still Matters

Print Media Isn’t Going Anywhere

Because digital marketing is readily available, many companies don’t consider print marketing when looking at ways to promote their brand anymore. It’s important to remember that print media can still be highly effective if used strategically.

One study, which looked at digital marketing trends for Australian businesses from 2018 to 2019, found that, within that period, 73% of respondents had used print media or intended to use it in the future. Digital marketing has its benefits, but so does print marketing. These are some of the distinct advantages it offers:

1. Boosting Brand Awareness:

Credit Capital marketing specialist, Alister Clare says, “If you want to increase brand familiarity with consumers, your marketing strategy shouldn’t rely on digital marketing alone. With the right print marketing methods, you can ensure that your brand gets noticed. Print marketing materials can also have a long lifespan. The materials you create could last for weeks, months, or years.”

Print marketing is an effective way to make your brand easier to recognize, which can help you to expand your client base. There are many options available, including magazine and newspaper ads, billboards, and mailers. Any of these methods can boost awareness of your brand and help you to establish a strong identity.

2. It Encourages Consumers to Pay Attention

When a person is browsing the web, they’re surrounded by distractions. When they look at print media, they’re more likely to pay attention because there are no pop-up ads or notifications. For this reason, you may find that printed materials deliver stronger results overall.

There are ways to enhance the performance of digital marketing, but you should also offer consumers printed materials.

3. Multi-Channel Marketing Works

Research published by BDRC Continental found that combining digital and print advertising is the most effective way to market something. The combination brought about a 17% increase in brand health.

If you utilise print marketing, you can boost the overall effectiveness of the other channels included in your marketing strategy. It’s possible to complement or even synergise your print and digital marketing materials.

Taking a multi-channel approach like this works even better if you include additional marketing channels, like TV marketing. You can also use printed materials to boost your online marketing by including QR codes, social media links, and your website.

4. It Has Longevity

Print materials can last longer than materials online. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the results of your marketing for longer.

Consider this. Imagine that you see an ad online. Once you’ve clicked elsewhere, how much of that ad will you recall? Even if you remember the ad, is there a way for you to review the information you’ve seen later on?

If you present someone with printed materials, they can hold onto those materials for as long as they want to. You’ll be able to create a lasting message that will stick with potential customers.

5. It Can Improve Credibility

While there are many different marketing channels, consumers typically put more trust in printed media. This is true of newspaper ads, mailers, and other types of print marketing. The online world is plagued by spam and false information. This can make consumers hesitant. There are countless online businesses. How can consumers figure out who to trust? If people can recognize your company via print marketing, they’ll see you as credible, which can improve your marketing efforts.

What Should Your Next Step Be?

Now that we’ve entered the digital age, print technology is more advanced and more affordable than ever. It’s cost-effective to print out flyers, brochures, and other print marketing materials in full-colour. If this is something you’re interested in, you should partner with a commercial printing company that can create great-looking products for you. Working with a company like this means you’ll have access to expert graphic designers and cutting-edge digital equipment. Your materials will look impressive, and you won’t have to spend a fortune.

Wanting to attract more customers to your business?

Put your ideas into PRINT!

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Digital Printing

Digital printing is a highly advanced and popular method of printing smaller quantities of any product. Every business needs some amount of printing done for various purposes. Sometimes it is for advertising, marketing or promotional products, flyers, brochures or other internal print matter.

We at RM Gregory are the leaders in this industry with more than 66 years of experience in the space. No matter what your requirement for printing is, we are here to help. Our team works very closely with clients to ensure that their needs are completely met.

Why Opt For Digital Printing?

Modern-day customers require the services of a company that would be able to provide them with accurate, high-quality, cost-effective solutions within the shortest possible time. Digital printing is the best solution in this case. Take a look at the various advantages of this printing process:

Benefits of Digital Printing

High-Quality Finish– When you opt for digital printing, you get a very high-quality finish. This technology is highly advanced, which means that you get excellent quality and good value for money, even with the smallest print runs.

The process is far more effective for shorter and medium print runs, and you can print whatever you need at the time you need it. You do not have to worry about the resolution and the overall quality, and this helps you create a good impression on customers, clients and associates.

  • Quick Turnaround Time-Many businesses need certain items printed on short notice. Digital printing is very quick and effective, and the turnaround time is far shorter than most other methods. It means that you do not have to pre-plan things months in advance. You can call your digital printer, provide your order and they will fulfil it within days.
  • Cost-Effective– Every business, big or small, looks to save money in different ways. However, no one wants to compromise on the quality aspect. When you opt for digital printing, you can get the best results at the most cost-effective pricing. You do not have to stretch your budget by choosing offset printing for your marketing print requirements.
  • Consistency – This is another significant advantage of the digital printing process. You will find that every single print is the same. There is less wastage and fewer variations which gives you the kind of quality that you require. There are no photo chemicals or film plates used, and there are no prepress stages, making it an ideal option for smaller quantity printing requirements.

Choose the Best Digital Printing Professionals

While there are many distinct benefits to opting for digital printing, you still need to make sure that experience printers like us are handling the job. We have invested in the latest technology and have the skills, knowledge, and experience to provide our clients with top-notch solutions that fit into their budget.

For detailed information about our printing services, feel free to contact RM Gregory at this number- 02 9744 8979 or through this Contact Us form and one of our team members will contact you soon.

What are the Different Types of Printing Services?

Every company big and small in every sector needs to have a good marketing strategy and place. While digital marketing is a crucial aspect today, traditional forms of marketing continue to be relevant and widely used. We at RM Gregory have been in this industry for over 66 years. Over the decades, we have followed industry trends, invested in the latest technology, upgraded our knowledge and skills to provide the best printing services.

Customised Printing Services 

We customize our services so that our clients get excellent value for money and that they can meet their marketing objectives, have the right kind of promotional products and office stationery etc. Every business needs printing for various materials and items.

Sometimes it could be for internal use purposes, while at others, it might be for marketing efforts. No matter what your printing requirements are, you need to be sure that the company you hire has the knowledge, systems and creativity to design and offer comprehensive printing services.

Different Types of Printing Services

When you opt for a well-established and credible printer, they would be able to cater to all your requirements under a single roof. This provides you the convenience you need to deal with a single operator, and you would also get very cost-effective solutions. There are various types of printing services that these companies would offer such as:

  • Graphic design
  • Letterheads
  • Colour printing
  • Business cards
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Swing labels
  • Presentation folders
  • Invoice books
  • Leaflets, brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Magazines
  • Stickers
  • Other

Regardless of how big or small your requirement is, these printing services will be perfect for you. Digital Printing is used in most of these products and items, and it is a great way to get the solutions you need on time. Digital printing technology allows for smaller printing runs, and you get very high-resolution products. It is an excellent way to design and print smaller quantities of items, flyers and brochures, presentation folders, labels and more. The company that handles the job for you will provide tailored solutions, including design and printing.

Opt For The Best Printing Services 

While there are many operators in this industry, very few can offer the kind of quality and affordability that we do. We are always committed to providing our clients with nothing but the best solutions. 

What also makes us stand out from other companies is that we maintain consistent quality in our products. Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable and can advise you on the types of print services and products that would work best for you.

With us, you will always get outstanding service top-notch quality printing and the best designs. For detailed information about our printing services, feel free to contact RM Gregory at this number- 02 9744 8979 or through this Contact Us form and one of our team members will contact you soon.

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Business Cards

Have you started using business cards to grow your business yet?

Business cards have been around seemingly forever. Still, they are powerful tools for small business owners to use in 2020.

The business card has managed to stay relevant even in the digital age. It can build new business networks effectively and help promote your business. This alignment between the old-school word of mouth and newer technologies means you can add email addresses or social media accounts to your business cards.

With new technologies on the rise, business cards have experienced tremendous growth in quality.

The evolution of the business card has come a  long way from the simple designs. This fundamental tool now has seemingly limitless designs.

Did you know that sales increase by 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards handed out? There’s no denying that card in your hand can mean a conversion down the line.

So let’s dive into the things that make business cards stand out. The following are the top 5 benefits that come with using business cards.

1. Cost-effective

Money is usually scarce when it comes to most small businesses. Nonetheless, the adoption of business cards for small businesses can be quite lucrative.  It is the most affordable option for many businesses. You can get a piece for a few cents.

The business finance experts at Metro Bookkeeping explain that “if you order them in bulk, the price drops even further. You end up with an effective marketing tool without spending a fortune. This will also be a tax-deductible investment for your business.”

Business Card Printing Tip: You need to source for the right commercial printer to take care of your business card printing. Don’t opt to print your own business cards unless it’s unavoidable.

You won’t end up with the right type of quality when printing your own business cards as compared to going for a reputable commercial printer. There are lots of options that are offered when you go for a print services provider. This can significantly help with your first impression.

2. Versatile

Lots of information can be contained within business cards regardless of their small sizes. Much more can go into a business card, not just your contact information.

Advertisements can be put on business cards.  Or,  you can give away a  coupon or deal.  You should, however, be cautious not to flood your card with too much information. Don’t bombard the recipients with too many details.

Business Card Printing Tip:  Develop a  landing page for your recipients when they visit the website listed on your business card. Don’t just leave it at the usual website link.

An introductory video that sheds more light on your business can be fitting on such a  page. Exclusive offers such as a bonus gift or a discount can be included on the landing page.

3. Convenient

You can take control of how your business card looks. Even more, you can take charge of where you want it to go.

Discretion on your card’s contents can also help. The size of these cards ensures that they can easily fit in a recipient’s purse or wallet. Binders or special containers are usually used by many people to store business cards for future reference.

Business Card Printing Tip: Many establishments within your local area may permit you to drop business cards for others to pick. Figure out establishments where your target market is likely to visit. Head over and drop off some business cards. This may significantly help your business with exposure.

4. Evergreen Traffic

Ads on the television and radio come and go. Some even last for just about half a minute. Online banner ads tend to last for an even shorter time.

A business card, on the other hand, never stops working. It stays with the customer for as long as it lasts. There’s a higher possibility of a customer reaching out to you for services if he or she sees your business card every time.

Skin rejuvenation clinic MT Medical say they’ve had success in the past using promotional business cards. They note “we’ve handed out promotional business cards in the past, and still receive traffic through that channel. The cost for the cards has long been recovered (and then some) by the conversions that resulted.”

Business Card Printing Tip: In need of a long-lasting business card? Get a dazzling die-cut card that has been developed using a memorable design. You can also incorporate magnet printing for your card to have the ability to stick on metallic surfaces such as your recipients’ fridges.

5. Proven & Effective

Simply put, business cards work.

They are still relevant to many businesses today since they are capable of generating more customers yearly.  Planning is essential when it comes to business cards as with every other advertising medium. The right information should be included in your cards as well as in the right amount. You should also ensure they are passed to the right people.

Business Card Printing Tip:  The whole branding concept of your business and self won’t be covered only by your business card. Still, this card is very critical when it comes to a good first impression. Make sure that the card you design brings out the personality of your business. A comprehensive branding strategy can offer assistance when it comes to this.

Discussed above are only but five benefits of business cards.

There are a ton more!

Don’t downplay this little card’s power when developing your marketing strategy.  These small cards may just be the thing you need to connect with your next client.

Set to embark on the printing your business cards? Chat to the team from RM Gregory Promo Print and nail your business card today!

Pros of Printed Newsletters

Amongst the oldest types of content marketing mediums are printed newsletters that turn up by snail mail, offering valuable, content that is rich in information that your clients and prospects need. They could be an efficient match to online advertisements or provide niche markets where printing is a preferred medium way of marketing.

Consider the complete decrease in mail postal, a print newsletter may stand out to the target, as opposed to an online newsletter that could get lost in a definitely “too full” inbox. Alternatively, because of the constant increase of postal expenses, newsletters have more probability to be to the point and specific, offering unique appeal.

Just like any printing platform, a brand has a chance to establish a relationship dependent upon a reciprocally beneficial worth proposition. Printed newsletters portray an open invitation to connect your business story as well as its goods and services and to maximize more than the sales life cycle. Newsletters can offer numerous benefits to your company or brand. When it comes to print newsletters, there are some approaches that you can try to practice so that you have effective results when using newsletters as a marketing medium

Guidelines for Content Marketing with a Print Newsletter:

All components of your newsletter design must compliment your general brand message as well as satisfy readers’ expectations.

  • Format: Newsletters do not have to have the size of letter-portrait booklets to be labelled as a newsletter. Different formats might work better, dependant upon your industry. Discover a variety of sizes, alignments and folds centred on the objective and content extent of the publication.
  • Content: cautiously select your articles so that every one yields results. Stay away from using common filler, such as quotes or recipes. Concentrate content on industry developments, latest product innovations, a leading customer spotlight, or company goals. The objective is to add focused content that fulfils the educational requirements of your desired audience. Incorporating feedback of pleased customers could add a convincing aspect to your content and allows your customers to do the selling.
  • Sales tool: You may draw in a lot more readers and more possible customers by presenting your company’s field of expertise. This need to be guidelines or best tactics that are practical to readers irrespective of whether they actually do business with you or not. An energy company may possibly offer “energy efficiency tips” or a hotel seminar centre might provide a planning and meeting guide for company clients.
  • Offline promotion: advertise free subscriptions to your newsletter. An easy way to establish leads is to feature a call to action in every of your company’s marketing communication, such as advertisements, leaflets, catalogues, trade show signage, and so on. that induces customers to contact or email for a subscription.
  • Online promotion: Add a sign-up box on your webpage for your free printing newsletter and feature an archive of preview newsletters to showcase precisely what the subscriber can look forward to. Advertise it through all your social media platforms to get people back to your website to actually sign up. You might even want to lead a competition using social platforms, tempting people to sign up for the printed materials.
  • Maximize exposure: Considering that you have gone to the time and expense of publishing a newsletter, you certainly want to cast your net wide.

At RM Gregory, we can print newsletters,  magazines, newsletters and annual reports in any size and without any limit on page numbers. They can be saddle-stitched or perfect bound depending on your preference and budget. We can also print product catalogues and club magazines. Call us now on 02 9744 8979

Tips for Designing Real Estate Portfolios

Triumph within the real estate business is reliant on impression or image – each the image of the premises for sale as well as the image of the real estate agent selling them. A real estate folder is a very simple addition that can truly go a long way in the direction of increasing your reputation to clients. The real estate market requires a lot of paperwork and contracts. Real estate folders help you to stay organised and look more exciting to clients compared to a pile of loose documents. In order to find success with the help of real estate presentation folders, you should pick the proper design, consists of suitable information and understand the ideal way to make use of them. Apply top-quality images to make your real estate presentation folder capture people’s attention. Keep on reading to find out how to design presentation folders that will help you sell real estate:

Choosing The Right Folder

The closing folders have all sorts of sizes and shapes. Regular pocket folders are ideal for generating information packets for clients, however, legal-sized files enable you to present your signing paperwork in such style. Folders with smaller sizes could be utilized to put leaflets on a certain listing, whilst small landscape files are the well-suited size to put top-quality photographs of your premises. A blend of numerous sizes may be the best way to make certain each of your bases is protected.

Creating The Designs

When you are a real estate agent, you can customize your presentation folders to fit your company’s specific style. Printing in full colour, it is best for real estate files since they enable you to integrate top quality photos of properties you have successfully sold. Feedback from past clients can actually be helpful to enhance your brand allure to clients. When you have your contact information printed particularly on the file implies that a client will always be able to reach you. A real estate folder design has to create a statement about your business and how it can assist clients in finding their dream property. Include pockets to the interior of your real estate presentation folders to put fact sheets and brochures

Adding Accessories

There are a substantial number of add-ons and accessories obtainable for presentation as well as closing folders. Include stepped inserts or an attached leaflet to the inner parts of your folder so that you could simply provide a broad range of detail on your directories in a format that is easy to read. Consider a belly band presentation bundle when you need to keep so much information within your folder in a distinctively designed means.

Building Your Brand

The use of presentation folders in real estate will allow you to increase your brand recognition. When you are a part of a well known real estate organization, you will want a logo design on your folder so that clients connect you with a trustworthy name within the industry. When you are a business owner, you can have a customisable logo made as well as begin getting your brand out there. Every aspect relating to your folder, from the colour scheme to the font type, will convey something about your business. It is up to you to choose what that particular something will be. Your presentation folder can be turned into a binder with a spine attachment, hence you can file several property listings in the same folder.

RM Gregory Promo Print can provide high-quality print for when you plan to print your real estate portfolio. We can help present the property with the best appeal to potential buyers, especially those attending your open house exhibition


Amongst so many great mediums to keep your company’s  name right in front of current and potential customers is custom-printed notepads. Similar to a mini billboard, a customised notepad will continuously showcase your marketing message, assisting to keep your business in the top minds of your clients for many weeks, months or even longer. Not merely are customisable notepads very cost-effective to create, they can be imprinted with just about any marketing message you want to share – business name, logo design, slogan, contact information, pictures and the like. Incorporating a full colour logo, pictures or artwork will help produce a good perception. Moreover, notepads are fairly long lasting and very very easy to administer, making them effective for trade show giveaways and for sales representatives to give fully out to current and potential customers. A custom-printed notepad features numerous positive aspects such as

Provides Ongoing Exposure – each time your client makes an email or writes an email, your brand name turns out to be on the top of their mind. A great return on the investment as hardly any other type of marketing method provides such recurring exposure. the majority of recipients of note pads could keep them handy and use them just about every day, which means your brand name and contact information is always prominently shown. Hardly any other kind of marketing provides such recurring exposure for so minimal investment.


Stimulates Reciprocity – everyone loves to get gifts and freebies. And even though they are distributed without any obligation, giving something special to an ongoing or prospective customer develops good will and leaves a great opinion which improves the likelihood they will require to you, keep you in their minds and offers business to you


Practical and Useful – apart from  being reliable methods for promotion as well as brand awareness, printed notepads provide a very useful and beneficial function for the receiver. Pretty much everybody values a handy pad of paper, for usage in the home or at the office. In addition, when compared with some other promotional items, the quick and relatively simple feature of notepads means they will not break, require guidelines, or need batteries.


Very Affordable – Notepads are one of the most economical marketing products available to render your business a recurring exposure. Customised notepads have a top recognised value yet tend to be exceedingly low-cost. Furthermore, a regular size pad  will turn out to be your most affordable option.


Totally Customisable – notepads can be imprinted with whatever message, picture or design you decide. You can have them imprinted in full-colour, 1 or 2 colours, or clear black ink. They can additionally be manufactured as lined or non-lined pads. There is plenty of room for innovation with notepads, so the design is absolutely up to you


In conclusion, promotional notepads are a good way to help keep your business’s name right in front of current and potential customers. They are an economical marketing tool and are a helpful option to generate brand awareness. Whether it is in the house or office, notepads are very good for writing down list or notes


A skilled and experienced printing design team from a trusted family owned and run printing service business like, RM Gregory Promo Print provides high quality print for when you plan to give a current or prospective client a gift such as a notepad that will  leave a favourable impression. People love to receive gifts.  This helps them remember you and therefore more likely to do business with you. It’s all about keeping your business front of mind.



The Vitality of Packaging Designs

Perhaps, your top priority is developing your company’s brand, but packaging design is one crucial factor for your business. Based on a study, the medium consumer ranks packaging as almost corresponding to brand when it comes down to customer care. Nevertheless, numerous businesses still do not spend enough time and effort building their product packaging. Think of how much your business spends on your brand versus how much you invest in packaging. This research has shown that packaging design is now more significant than in the past. But in the event you are not convinced, here are  some key main reasons why your business has to take packaging design seriously.


  • Provides interesting appeals in the shelves

For every retail business, standing out on shelves is a crucial challenge. If your goods are not visually charming, it’ll make selling your products a lot more challenging. Customers sometimes purchase products off the shelf because they are interested in its packaging. This means that customers – and their spending behaviour – are massively affected by product packaging. So, packaging design can have a big effect on your bottle line and as markets be much more aggressive and retail shelves get more packed, it is now more important than in the past.


  • Reinforces your brand

To convey impalpable brand characteristics, a package’s appearance is one crucial thing to be concerned about–such as luxury or value, but consumers expect the package to reside as much as the brand promise. It must be very easy to open, and the packaging must work until the very last drop. Following a consumer buys a package off the shelf, satisfaction can quickly reduce as he carries it home, stores and uses it. To push repeat purchase, packaging has to satisfy consumers all the way to disposal. If a product’s packaging leakage on the way home, or is too tough to store or use or get rid of, you can bet that your consumers will give consideration to different brand the next time they shop.


  • Motivates returning customers

Customers have flipped brands as a result of new packaging. Other researches have rated packaging as one of the greatest drivers of repeat purchase, with additional impact than TV ads, online reviews and sometimes even recommendations from friends. Therefore if you want to encourage your customers to return to your brand the next time they make a purchase, you need to consider your product packaging design. One hundred percent of your product customers will communicate with its packaging,


  • Good design equals to memorable brand

Good customer care and a beneficial product definitely help, but what about beyond that?  Needless to say, it is design. Design strategies like a discerning usage of colour can induce the memory and keep your brand fresh in the mind. Therefore, perhaps integrating a definite design technique like colour, a distinctive layout, a genuine concept etc. can be that one added factor that ensures your brand stays unforgettable and well-known.



  • Well-designed means user-friendly

Amongst the major centre points of graphic design is simply to make complex information much easier to grasp. Innovation and contents are growing to be a lot more complex and powerful. Great design in interfaces, data display, and right through to physical product design and advertisements helps it all way easier and more appealing for the consumers


A skilled and experienced printing design team from a trusted family owned and run printing service business like, RM Gregory Promo Print provides high quality print for when your business needs professional commercial printing. Contact us for an appointment or to get a quote and let us prove you beyond just printing, supported by well experienced professionals.

Things To Consider When Looking For A Professional Printing Service

People need business printing for various reasons, whether it’s for an important presentation, signage, business logo, flyer design, stationery, restaurant menu or many more. How you present yourself and your company or business is very important to put abundant thought and care into it. On the other hand, there are unavoidable times where people need hard copy of those documents. Almost everyone has their own printer but sometimes it’s just not the right kind to print what you need. At the end of the day, you’re left with no other choice rather than to appoint an external printing service. Here are some tips on how to wisely select professional printing services :

  • Recognise your needs.

If you need your artwork, business signage, flyer design or anything else in a high quality design, you need to communicate to make sure you let them know the purpose. Be clear on which kind of specialised printing services you need, like what kind of media you basically need and know your audience.  That way, you will have an effective idea of what to do for your needs, such as different types of paper or other materials for your work to be printed on. Review, develop a plan, and complete your layout, then you’re prepared to begin choosing exactly who your printing providers will likely to be.

  • Printer Quality.

Business printing is not naturally just easy putting ink on paper. The printer needed should work with you and ensure the design you print looks as good as you expect on finalized design, make sure they’re the right fit for you. Paper stock, fonts, and mailing guidelines can be crucial in achieving successful printing. Choose experienced and competent printer to create great little details you want, without any ink smudging or miswritten text, clear or blurry image. The printed design with high quality will hugely impact your business, whether it’s going to achieve success or fail to reach your previously identified target audience. If all that is achieved, those are the criteria of proficient and experienced professional printing services creating the best outcome, saving your valuable money and time.

  • Get Recommendations.

When you are deciding to choose which printer services, you want to know you can put your trust on them. You are able to take action by browsing recommendations or reviews online as well as get suggestions of past clients to observe how satisfied they certainly were using the entire experience. It is very important to choose reliable, punctual, and cost-effective printing services. It is to be sure you will have no delay in printing that will cause a bad effect on your schedule.

  • Level of Service and Distribution Logistics.

Helpful and informative printing services can guide you through great printing experience. Having a communicative and outgoing person of contact is an advantage as it makes the entire experience more enjoyable and effective. Choose trustworthy and good-handle printing service. Providing distribution of your beautifully design media around the city is also a huge plus to consider, which can take the hassle out of delivery to send it where you want it to be.

Selecting professional printing services must certainly be detailed and it is an essential process when you look at the highest end quality of the printed media. For a trusted family owned and run printing service business, RM Gregory Promo Print provides high quality print giving you incredible value to your money and media. Contact us for an appointment or to get a quote and let us prove you beyond just printing, supported by well experienced professionals.