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Graphics and attractive lettering is an excellent way to attract customer attention. They immediately catch the eye and provide relevant information. For example, if you are conducting a sale at a retail store, banners, and flyers advertising it will attract new customers. At RM Gregory, we provide expert print services in Sydney and can create everything from simple ads to impactful logos.

RM Gregory Promoprint, owned by Cosmopolitan Printers Pty Ltd, is a family-owned and run business. Having operated from the same premises since 1954, we have years of experience and product knowledge. We pride ourselves in providing a helpful and friendly service together with high-quality products and services and affordable packages.

We have an in-house team of graphic designers and logo experts who can create fresh images for your brand. All products are printed using the latest and best technology so the colours are vivid and the lines are sharp. If you want eye-catching promotional material, we are the right people to call.

With our known and respected experience in the industry, we continue to grow and develop new ways to assist businesses in a modern world in developing and advancing their promotion and marketing strategy.

Our horizon has expanded through alliances we established with leading industry icons to provide a range of products and services in all aspects of promotion and marketing. We are only an email or phone call away.


Presentation Folders

Most sales personnel carry presentation folders with them during a consultation. These folders are handled by customers and shown to everyone present at a meeting or conference. Placing a clear logo with company branding on the folder can help you establish a strong presence in the client’s mind. We provide customized folders and can print your company’s brand graphics on it.
Print Services in Sydney
Real Estate Portfolio
Real estate is one of the few industries that still rely on printed materials like brochures, pamphlets, signs, and newsletters. We offer specialized real estate print service packages that include everything you may need for your business. The portfolio will showcase the property in the best possible light to impress prospective buyers.
Print Services in Sydney
Banners are a great way to announce something or display important information. For example, you can add a banner above a charity race’s finish line and market your brand on it. Banners can also be used to announce holiday sales and other such events. Our team can create colourful banners made from vinyl, fabric, and other durable materials. We make sure the product can handle rough outdoor conditions and is visible in daylight.
While people have started to rely heavily on digital media, print media is still useful if you know how to utilize them well. Magazines and newsletters are a great way to convey information about your brand, products, services, and company history to people who visit your property. Many businesses place these materials in their lobbies, waiting rooms, bars, and other such areas.
Print Services in Sydney Print Services in Sydney
If they can feel it and touch it, they are likely to look at it and take notice of it. Have a sharp message in your brochure/flyer and print plenty of them. Promote an offer and expect clients to flock your way. The return is likely to be much better than you think. Any size is available. We can also do posters A3, A2, A1 and A0 and in fact any size. We can also do coreflute signs of any size 3 and 5mm thickness.
Print Services in Sydney Print Services in Sydney Print Services in Sydney
Business Cards
Business cards contain the company name, professional name, phone number, and other such essential details. They are a great way to exchange contact information quickly, especially at crowded networking or conference events. It takes more time to dictate the information or send someone a message than exchanging business cards. We can create impressive cards that provide essential details and help establish a strong brand presence as well.
Print Services in Sydney Print Services in Sydney Print Services in Sydney Print Services in Sydney Print Services in Sydney
Signage helps people identify a store, which makes them one of the most critical aspects of your storefront. Our team has experience with all kinds of internal and external signage. We can create boards to identify different floors, sections, parking spaces, and other such areas. All signs are made from durable materials that can handle outdoor conditions well.
Stationery with your logo on it will position your business well with the elite. We can make you look good. There is no limit on what stationery we can do, but common stationery include: Letterheads, Envelopes, With Compliment slips, etc. Standardise your appeal.
Print Services in Sydney Print Services in Sydney
Invoice Books
Maintaining a physical invoice copies is a great way to track sales and transactions. We can print different kinds of invoice books for various applications and include things like duplicate pages and copy paper. All pages are perforated, which makes them easier to tear.
Print Services in Sydney
Calendars remain the most useful promotion and a reference for working out school and public holidays in advance. Put your brand on a calendar and offer it as a promotional gift to your client. You will have your logo sitting in their office for a whole year. We can produce any type of calendar.
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Note pads and Desk Pads
Notepads and desk pads are still popular because it is easy to jot down information on them. You don't need to open an app on the phone or computer to note down a phone number or address. A notepad with a pen can be used for everything from small calculations to recording appointments. Some people also use desk pads to plan out their daily schedules.
Magnets are some of the most popular promotional items available in the market today. They are fun to play with and can showcase your brand effectively. Most people will place brand magnets on their fridge or other such visible places, which makes them a great promotional tool. You can find colourful, creative, and attractive magnets in our store.
Workwear and safety wear
We have collaborated with some of the most trusted brands in Australia to bring you durable and robust workwear. These products follow the industry guidelines and are designed to handle all kinds of work conditions without falling apart. The uniforms also feature company names and logos prominently, which means they a lot of promotional value.
We also offer a wide range of other products like stationery, brochures and flyers, and other promotional items.
Promotional items
We are an active agent of Bic Graphics who have one of the largest selection of promotional items. We have a large range that you can use inside your office as well as offer as a gift to your clients with your logo apporpriately displayed. These items include: pens, mugs, mouse pads, umbrellas, bottles, etc... Check this website and identify what interests you so we can quote you: https://www.bicgraphic.com.au
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