How the Printing Industry is Dealing with COVID19?

The pandemic has turned the whole world upside down and all industries have been equally impacted. Printing industry is no exception as the business has been impacted by the COVID 19 and new business models have emerged. The majority of the printing shops or service providers are getting less, or almost nil customers and a lot of 3D printing service providers have ventured into the production of masks and gloves.

A lot of printing businesses have undergone a quick digital transformation to stay alive in the post-pandemic world. Though the offline printing shops are seeing decreased traffic, shutting the shops is not a solution and hence many printing services Sydney have now gone online. They are leveraging the internet to reach out to more customers and get more orders. Local shipping guidelines are not very stringent and so printing businesses that have local warehouses are catering to local orders. Companies like RM Gregory cater to all business-related printing needs and have a web presence too.

Protective gears like masks, bio-suits, gloves, and life-saving machines like ventilators are the need of the hour today. This is a big opportunity for the 3D printing industry and the industry is using it capabilities to produce these items. Due to disruption in the global supply chain, many crucial parts of medical and non-medical machinery have become high in demand, and the 3D printing services have risen to the occasion.

How the Print Service Industry is Evolving

A lot of printing services Sydney have moved into the business of creating merchandise for fundraisers. These merchandises include t-shirts with a thank you message for the health care workers. This stuff is being used in fundraising campaigns to raise funds to combat the novel coronavirus. Some of the bigger printing services Sydney are helping the smaller businesses by providing them an online platform. This is an act of solidarity shown by the companies that believe in doing good. Smaller businesses need help to survive as they do not have the support system to pull them through these tough times.

The printing industry is very closely related to other industries and is dependent on them to a great extent. For example, the hospitality industry was always a huge customer of the printing industry and they placed orders for signage, card, etc. The hotel industry has been badly hit and hence these orders have reduced drastically. To survive, the printing services need to transform and stay relevant by adapting quickly. Printing industry is now quickly moving towards industry 4.0 which encompasses concepts like smart manufacturing and dark factories. Businesses are making investments to stay relevant today and also gain more tangible results in the future.

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