What Content Should Be In A Presentation Folder?

The presentation folder is a very elegant way to get marketing and promotional content across to potential clients and customers. However, the folder can only be effective if you know how to make it and what content to put in it.

Putting content in a presentation folder

Typically used in such professional events as exhibitions, lectures, trade fairs etc., a presentation folder needs an eye-catchy design. The creation of a branded folder is a great marketing tool that showcases your skills and talents. However, to make a good impact and gain a competitive edge, the folder must contain the following contents:

  • An introductory letter: By making use of superlative printing services, print the introductory letter on a customised letterhead of your company. This letter should be crisp and precise yet contain relevant and important details about the brand you represent, the message you want to convey and your points of discussion.
  • Business cards: This is a vital component of the presentation folder. A business card contains all details that make you accessible to customers and clients. Also including a business card tells potential clients that you are ready to hear out their requirements and help in whatever way you can. Some important details that a business card should contain are:
    • Your name and designation to add weight to what you say,
    • Your office address and phone numbers to make you more accessible and
    • Your social media handle to add authenticity so that potential customers can know what your current clients say about you, the discounts and promotions you offer etc.

Keeping a slot or two for inserting your business card is thus a great way to ensure that potential clients leave the venue with your communication details.

  • Educational materials: The content and design of these materials matter as educational materials made using professional designers and printing services Sydney make more impact. Thus if you are a speaker at a professional event, it is best to get print-outs of slideshows, case studies, activity books and other such educational materials added to the presentation folder.
  • Promotional merchandise: This is another vital part of your folder. Adding in some fun promotional merchandise in the presentation folder increases its relevance to customers. You should get vibrant, colourful, and well-designed promotional merchandise printed out using printing services before going to an event. The presence of this promotional merchandise in the presentation folder will help imprint your brand in the minds of prospective customers. Consequently, when they need services related to what you offer, your brand would be the first company that they think of.

The promotional merchandise added should be something that customers can use daily like notepads, pens, bookmarks, etc. They should all be imprinted with your brand logo to ensure brand visibility among customers for a long time. Thus, a presentation folder is a secret weapon that is unbeatable in its effectiveness in sales and marketing. Giving it a personalized touch by including customized materials printed using professional printing services Sydney, will increase your brand visibility, penetration and coverage.