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  • Why is a Professional Portfolio Important?

      Every successful professional knows the value of creating a professional portfolio. It’s ideal for showcasing your skills, experience, and achievements to potential employers, clients, and colleagues. With today’s increasingly competitive job market, having a solid portfolio can make a huge difference in your professional life.   “A professional portfolio is essential to success in […]

  • Why is Safety Clothing Important in the Workplace?

      Safety clothing is essential for any workplace to ensure the safety of employees and protect them from potential hazards. With the proper safety clothing, workers can work safely and confidently, reducing their risk of injury or illness.   “No one should ever compromise safety in the workplace; there is no substitute for adequate safety […]

  • 5 Reasons Desk Pads are Good Marketing Gifts

      When marketing your business, various tools and strategies are at your disposal. But one of the most effective and economical methods is marketing gifts. Promotional items such as desk pads can be customised with your branding information and logo, ensuring your company is getting seen by potential customers all year round!   “There’s no […]

  • The Importance Of High Visibility Clothing In The Workplace

      High-visibility clothing is personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to make the wearer more visible in their work environment. Many kinds of high visibility clothing are available, from vests and shirts to hats and gloves.   “While the most common type of high visibility clothing is orange or yellow, we can also find it in […]

  • 5 Excellent Stationery Design Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

    Despite the rise of email, social media, and other digital communication tools, stationery is still a necessary part of doing business. High-quality stationery allows enterprises to establish a brand identity and leave a lasting impression on clients.  “Stationery design is a powerful way to express your brand, and it can be one of the most […]

  • Simple Ways to Turn Your Menu Into a Marketing Tool

    Are you looking for more ways to attract new customers? Have you considered the menu as another marketing tool? Your menu communicates the entire concept of your business. Every potential diner will read it. A well-thought and well-designed menu can do wonders. We’ve put together some helpful tips on how to turn your menu into a […]

  • How to Make A Fabric Banner?

    Marketing campaigns focus on increasing brand visibility, attracting more customers and covering more and more target audiences. Banners are an integral part of any offline campaign. When placed strategically, banners grab attention, convert target customers and create a buzz. Fabric banners are the oldest form of banners that are cost-effective and help create a better […]

  • How to Make A Magazine

    Designing your magazine can be a lot of fun. If you are doing it for the first time, it can be challenging too. If you are planning to make a magazine, this article will be a good guide for you to understand how you can design your magazine from end to end. Magazines are fun […]

  • How to Design A Cafe Menu?

    Good first impressions are the only way to attract new customers to your café. Everyone is selling a coffee, a pastry and an experience in the form of a café however, what sets you apart from the competition is the visual appeal of your setup. The more attractive your café looks and the more, new […]

  • Real Estate Portfolio, How Do We Make It?

    Marketing plays a very important role in the success of a real estate business. Those in this field of business are masters of many crafts, underpinning everything they do is the art of effective communication. Marketing is an important tool of this aspect of communication and helps reach the potential customers.   Marketing for real […]

  • Key Benefits Of Using Custom Menu Boards

    Your restaurant’s, pub’s, or cafe’s success and popularity are in part dependent on your menu boards. Well-designed menu boards draw customers’ interest in your brands and your latest campaigns. On top of that, customising your menu boards to boost your brand brings the game to a different level. “Your menu board is where your visitors […]

  • Beginners Guide to Increase Customer Conversions Using Web Design

    Since April 2020, the Australian eCommerce market has experienced unprecedented growth.  Traditional retail was derailed, and Australian consumers shifted to a new routine, with more than 200,000 shopping online for the first time. Even as restrictions ease in many parts of the world, all signs point to an enduring change in consumer behaviour. So, whether […]

  • Why Is Customized Office Stationery Important to the Success of a Business?

    With millions of competitors, every business owner should take extra lengths to stand out. There are various ways to attract customer attention, but not all of them suits your budget and branding guidelines. One of the most versatile marketing techniques is branded office supplies, such as customised office stationery. 1. Project the Company Image Customers […]

  • How To Design An Interesting Pull-Up Banner?

    A marketing campaign aims at increasing brand visibility, target audience penetration and its coverage. Having effective tools in your kitty is very important for the success of this campaign. A pull-up banner is one such promotional tool that is versatile, cost-effective and creates a long-lasting impact. By making use of quality print services Sydney, pull-up […]

  • What Content Should Be In A Presentation Folder?

    The presentation folder is a very elegant way to get marketing and promotional content across to potential clients and customers. However, the folder can only be effective if you know how to make it and what content to put in it. Putting content in a presentation folder Typically used in such professional events as exhibitions, […]

  • Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

    Before technology and web got so intricately woven into our lives and our professional profiles became available on LinkedIn, business cards were the best and only way to exchange professional information. Apart from the fact that it carried the professional information and contact information, the business cards also reflect the style and persona of the […]

  • Why Business Cards Are Still Important This 2020

    In an age where we order groceries and book cabs online, you might think that business cards are ancient history. But you could be mistaken. While digital transformations created new opportunities to reach and engage customers, business cards are still practical marketing tools. Shane Perry, a Max Funding business advisor believes “Despite all the technological […]

  • How the Printing Industry is Dealing with COVID19?

    The pandemic has turned the whole world upside down and all industries have been equally impacted. Printing industry is no exception as the business has been impacted by the COVID 19 and new business models have emerged. The majority of the printing shops or service providers are getting less, or almost nil customers and a […]

  • Why Print Marketing Still Matters

    Print Media Isn’t Going Anywhere Because digital marketing is readily available, many companies don’t consider print marketing when looking at ways to promote their brand anymore. It’s important to remember that print media can still be highly effective if used strategically. One study, which looked at digital marketing trends for Australian businesses from 2018 to […]

  • Digital Printing

    Digital printing is a highly advanced and popular method of printing smaller quantities of any product. Every business needs some amount of printing done for various purposes. Sometimes it is for advertising, marketing or promotional products, flyers, brochures or other internal print matter. We at RM Gregory are the leaders in this industry with more […]

  • What are the Different Types of Printing Services?

    Every company big and small in every sector needs to have a good marketing strategy and place. While digital marketing is a crucial aspect today, traditional forms of marketing continue to be relevant and widely used. We at RM Gregory have been in this industry for over 66 years. Over the decades, we have followed […]

  • Top 5 Benefits Of Using Business Cards

    Have you started using business cards to grow your business yet? Business cards have been around seemingly forever. Still, they are powerful tools for small business owners to use in 2020. The business card has managed to stay relevant even in the digital age. It can build new business networks effectively and help promote your […]

  • Pros of Printed Newsletters

    Amongst the oldest types of content marketing mediums are printed newsletters that turn up by snail mail, offering valuable, content that is rich in information that your clients and prospects need. They could be an efficient match to online advertisements or provide niche markets where printing is a preferred medium way of marketing. Consider the complete […]

  • Tips for Designing Real Estate Portfolios

    Triumph within the real estate business is reliant on impression or image – each the image of the premises for sale as well as the image of the real estate agent selling them. A real estate folder is a very simple addition that can truly go a long way in the direction of increasing your […]

  • How Customised Notepads Can Be Effective Promotional Printing Medium

    Amongst so many great mediums to keep your company’s  name right in front of current and potential customers is custom-printed notepads. Similar to a mini billboard, a customised notepad will continuously showcase your marketing message, assisting to keep your business in the top minds of your clients for many weeks, months or even longer. Not […]

  • The Vitality of Packaging Designs

    Perhaps, your top priority is developing your company’s brand, but packaging design is one crucial factor for your business. Based on a study, the medium consumer ranks packaging as almost corresponding to brand when it comes down to customer care. Nevertheless, numerous businesses still do not spend enough time and effort building their product packaging. […]

  • Things To Consider When Looking For A Professional Printing Service

    People need business printing for various reasons, whether it’s for an important presentation, signage, business logo, flyer design, stationery, restaurant menu or many more. How you present yourself and your company or business is very important to put abundant thought and care into it. On the other hand, there are unavoidable times where people need […]

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