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How to Design A Cafe Menu?

Good first impressions are the only way to attract new customers to your café. Everyone is selling a coffee, a pastry and an experience in the form of a café however, what sets you apart from the competition is the visual appeal of your setup. The more attractive your café looks and the more, new customers it will attract. There are different elements to your café that can be tweaked to increase the overall appeal. In the olden days, simply white washing the place would have done the trick however, in this fashion forward and savvy world, a humble redecoration will not be enough.

The most crucial element of the customer experience

You need to assess what it is that that your customers interact with the most once they decide to visit you and work on those elements to provide exactly the kind of feel you wish your customers to have. Some would say the name and the way you design the board is key, some would say the aroma inside and outside your café is what brings you customers however, there is one most important element that makes them sit down and order stuff which by now you might have guessed is – The café menu.

The Menu is a gateway that you provide to the customers that takes them on delicious journeys and triggers both nostalgia and hope. The anticipation of what you might have to offer and what delectable items you might have that can quench their desires is satisfied only through a good and carefully crafted menu. When a customer enquires about the food you serve, it is not the food that makes or breaks the deal, it is the menu that convinces them

Designing the menu

There are scores of printing services that can help you with the best quality paper or the perfect cover and the intricate bindings of the pages. However, there are a few things you have to keep in mind if you wish to understand how can you design a great menu.

  • Theme – You know what best captures the essence of your café hence chose a design theme that speaks to the customer about what kind of experience they will get by eating at your café.
  • Pictures – A picture can speak a thousand words, imagine what a bunch of them can do through your menu. Use them to bring out the hunger and excitement in your customers.
  • Logo – It goes without saying that the logo of your café should be a vital component of your menu even if your menu is minimalistic.
  • Language – Use simple language and insert small sentences to describe the food items they are about to savour.
  • Print – Hire the best print services and always use good quality colours and paper on your menu. The last thing you want is a good design with shabby implementation that turns off the customer.

You can take help from a professional artist to get a good design or simply go online to design your own menu but a little help from an experienced artist always helps.

Booklets Magazine

Real Estate Portfolio, How Do We Make It?

Marketing plays a very important role in the success of a real estate business. Those in this field of business are masters of many crafts, underpinning everything they do is the art of effective communication. Marketing is an important tool of this aspect of communication and helps reach the potential customers.


Marketing for real estate portfolio involves both physical props and digital tools. There is a great reliance of physical printed products that acts as strong marketing tools. Digital tools like the website are also vital but printed material still are a strong tool that many real estate agents rely upon.

Print products that take real estate marketing to the next level

Printing services can help create collateral for marketing real estate properties which create a recall among the customers and captures their mind space. Here are some products that can be used for real estate marketing:


1. Books and booklets

Saddle stitched and nicely bound books have a unique charm and can help you set your real estate company apart from competition. You can go for branding books or photo books and leverage professional quality and vivid colour printing. Potential buyers’ emails are often inundated with promotional content, hence realtors leverage books and booklets as print is more trustworthy.

2. Postcards

With postcards, you can take your property to people’s mailbox. These are simple and effective way of reaching your audience. You have options of different sizes, high quality paper options, glossy paper and UV coat for added finish.

3. Brochures

Brochures offer more space than the conventional postcards but are compact as compared to books. You can create single page or multi-page brochures in vibrant colours using gloss paper for added appeal.

4. Business cards

Business cards go hand in hand with handshakes and can act as a piece of branding for your potential customers. For real estate agents, this is a very powerful tool and must reflect both the agency and the individuals profile.

5. Signage

As people will continue going for walks, the role of signage will be crucial in advertising. This is an inexpensive way of marketing and leveraging the power of curb side marketing.

6. Newsletters

Newsletters are a perfect channel to connect with past clients and prospective future clients. A monthly or quarterly newsletter is a great way to build loyalty and constant contact points. A single or multi page newsletter can convey changes in the market, showcase properties and success stories. You can get a newsletter designed which complements your email marketing campaign.


As in any business marketing tools are very crucial for real estate too. Partnering will renowned print services that have a creative team on board will help you take your business to the next level. However, you must rely on high-quality print products only as using an inferior quality product will not attract your potential clients. With superior printed collaterals, you will be powered with confidence to sell and showcase all the properties in your portfolio.