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Why Print Marketing Still Matters

Print Media Isn’t Going Anywhere

Because digital marketing is readily available, many companies don’t consider print marketing when looking at ways to promote their brand anymore. It’s important to remember that print media can still be highly effective if used strategically.

One study, which looked at digital marketing trends for Australian businesses from 2018 to 2019, found that, within that period, 73% of respondents had used print media or intended to use it in the future. Digital marketing has its benefits, but so does print marketing. These are some of the distinct advantages it offers:

1. Boosting Brand Awareness:

Credit Capital marketing specialist, Alister Clare says, “If you want to increase brand familiarity with consumers, your marketing strategy shouldn’t rely on digital marketing alone. With the right print marketing methods, you can ensure that your brand gets noticed. Print marketing materials can also have a long lifespan. The materials you create could last for weeks, months, or years.”

Print marketing is an effective way to make your brand easier to recognize, which can help you to expand your client base. There are many options available, including magazine and newspaper ads, billboards, and mailers. Any of these methods can boost awareness of your brand and help you to establish a strong identity.

2. It Encourages Consumers to Pay Attention

When a person is browsing the web, they’re surrounded by distractions. When they look at print media, they’re more likely to pay attention because there are no pop-up ads or notifications. For this reason, you may find that printed materials deliver stronger results overall.

There are ways to enhance the performance of digital marketing, but you should also offer consumers printed materials.

3. Multi-Channel Marketing Works

Research published by BDRC Continental found that combining digital and print advertising is the most effective way to market something. The combination brought about a 17% increase in brand health.

If you utilise print marketing, you can boost the overall effectiveness of the other channels included in your marketing strategy. It’s possible to complement or even synergise your print and digital marketing materials.

Taking a multi-channel approach like this works even better if you include additional marketing channels, like TV marketing. You can also use printed materials to boost your online marketing by including QR codes, social media links, and your website.

4. It Has Longevity

Print materials can last longer than materials online. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the results of your marketing for longer.

Consider this. Imagine that you see an ad online. Once you’ve clicked elsewhere, how much of that ad will you recall? Even if you remember the ad, is there a way for you to review the information you’ve seen later on?

If you present someone with printed materials, they can hold onto those materials for as long as they want to. You’ll be able to create a lasting message that will stick with potential customers.

5. It Can Improve Credibility

While there are many different marketing channels, consumers typically put more trust in printed media. This is true of newspaper ads, mailers, and other types of print marketing. The online world is plagued by spam and false information. This can make consumers hesitant. There are countless online businesses. How can consumers figure out who to trust? If people can recognize your company via print marketing, they’ll see you as credible, which can improve your marketing efforts.

What Should Your Next Step Be?

Now that we’ve entered the digital age, print technology is more advanced and more affordable than ever. It’s cost-effective to print out flyers, brochures, and other print marketing materials in full-colour. If this is something you’re interested in, you should partner with a commercial printing company that can create great-looking products for you. Working with a company like this means you’ll have access to expert graphic designers and cutting-edge digital equipment. Your materials will look impressive, and you won’t have to spend a fortune.

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