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Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

Before technology and web got so intricately woven into our lives and our professional profiles became available on LinkedIn, business cards were the best and only way to exchange professional information. Apart from the fact that it carried the professional information and contact information, the business cards also reflect the style and persona of the person with the font and color scheme used. With countless digital solutions, available as an alternate nowadays, many people wonder if the good old business card in its physical form is still relevant or is only a waste of paper.

When the pandemic hit us, the world embraced technology with open arms and almost all business networks have now moved to the online platforms like LinkedIn, Zoom, Google Hangout, etc. All networking events have become virtual now and it is safe to assume that this trend is here to stay. With these transformations, an obvious comes to mind – will business cards be of use? The short and crisp answer to this is – yes, business cards are still very much relevant and so the print services that are in this area business. However, the areas of opportunity of using the business cards has undergone a change.

The Many Advantages of Business Cards for your Business

Business cards are one of the most straightforward way to build your brand, especially when you are owning a small business. Business cards help you maintain consistency in what you convey as your personal brand. If you hire a professional print services Sydney, you can get a classy and appealing business card created and have it handy to give out at any chance meeting or a networking gathering you might attend. If you are a business owner, you can convert your business card into a compact pamphlet to tell your prospective customers about your products or services.

The custom of exchanging business cards in a networking event or business meeting has been a long-standing one. Many people still expect a business card in return when they hand over theirs on meeting a person. When you meet such a person, you must be prepared to give them your business card. You must not have just any business card but one that suits your personality. So, you should use an expert print services to design a card with the proper font and color for you.

Business cards are not dependent on technology and like emails get lost among the huge ocean of emails that hit everyone’s mailbox these days, business cards have a higher chance of survival. People usually stack all business cards on the work desk and so they are easily accessible. While you are placing the order make sure you pick a good paper stock, an appealing design and a very professional service provider. If you are planning to get a set of classy business cards created for yourself and you are looking for print services Sydney you can reach out to us at RM Gregory. We are available on call at 0297448979 or on email at print@rmgregory.com.au.

Why Business Cards Are Still Important This 2020

In an age where we order groceries and book cabs online, you might think that business cards are ancient history. But you could be mistaken.

While digital transformations created new opportunities to reach and engage customers, business cards are still practical marketing tools.

Shane Perry, a Max Funding business advisor believes “Despite all the technological developments, business cards are still effective. It appears that automation, no matter the amount, can’t replace them. Most businessmen ensure they have business cards in their pockets at all times, so they are always ready for an opportunity to hand them out. Cards are handy during seminars, meetings, trade fairs, etc.”

Creates the First Impression

When you encounter a potential connection the first time, you want to make the right impression. A business card does not only hold contact details; it also wears the brand.

Therefore, the quality of your card must associate you with the right ideas. Its elements must be consistent with your branding guidelines. For example, an architect that specialises on minimal design should consider a business card with a black or white background and straightforward fonts, such as Montserrat and Roboto.

Do you think a prospective client who’s looking for a minimalist architect would consider him/her if the card has vibrant colours and decorative fonts?

Adds A Personal Touch

Consumers tend to respond better to brands with who they have an emotional connection. Establishing this level of relationship isn’t easy through digital devices.

When you are giving a business card, the consumer receives a physical manifestation of your commitment. Aside from contact details, you also exchange smiles, pleasantries, eye contact, and lots of handshakes.

Exchange of information through digital channels may be faster—too fast that it may not be too memorable.

Continuous Marketing for Free

Your business card stays with the receiver after you’ve parted ways. If the card creates an impact, they might show it to their friends, family, and business associates. This move exposes your brand to additional prospects.

Unlike TV, radio, and internet advertisements, it doesn’t rely on electricity and Wi-Fi. You don’t have to spend for ad placements. If people like your card, they’ll show it off or pass it on.

Shows Professionalism

Business cards are prominent components of business rituals. In Hong Kong, business people offer their cards when someone gives them theirs.

Business cards show that you’re prepared. Just imagine this scenario: a potential client approaches you in a restaurant and clearly states that they will contact you when they’re ready to discuss formally. However, his/her phone is dead. Would you write your contact details in a napkin?

With a business card ready, you won’t have to scramble for a pen and paper. You just have to pull it out and graciously hand it over.

Preparedness is a sign of professionalism.


Business cards market directly to consumers. There’s already an engagement the second they receive it, which means the encounter can stay in their heads longer. You can prolong it with a little conversation and a handshake to reach another level of intimacy. RM Gregory Promoprint is a trusted business card printer in Australia. We’ve helped thousands of individuals and businesses create new connections, generate more revenues, and build strong brand identities with high-quality business cards.

Article prepared by Andrea North for RM Gregory Promoprint

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Business Cards

Have you started using business cards to grow your business yet?

Business cards have been around seemingly forever. Still, they are powerful tools for small business owners to use in 2020.

The business card has managed to stay relevant even in the digital age. It can build new business networks effectively and help promote your business. This alignment between the old-school word of mouth and newer technologies means you can add email addresses or social media accounts to your business cards.

With new technologies on the rise, business cards have experienced tremendous growth in quality.

The evolution of the business card has come a  long way from the simple designs. This fundamental tool now has seemingly limitless designs.

Did you know that sales increase by 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards handed out? There’s no denying that card in your hand can mean a conversion down the line.

So let’s dive into the things that make business cards stand out. The following are the top 5 benefits that come with using business cards.

1. Cost-effective

Money is usually scarce when it comes to most small businesses. Nonetheless, the adoption of business cards for small businesses can be quite lucrative.  It is the most affordable option for many businesses. You can get a piece for a few cents.

The business finance experts at Metro Bookkeeping explain that “if you order them in bulk, the price drops even further. You end up with an effective marketing tool without spending a fortune. This will also be a tax-deductible investment for your business.”

Business Card Printing Tip: You need to source for the right commercial printer to take care of your business card printing. Don’t opt to print your own business cards unless it’s unavoidable.

You won’t end up with the right type of quality when printing your own business cards as compared to going for a reputable commercial printer. There are lots of options that are offered when you go for a print services provider. This can significantly help with your first impression.

2. Versatile

Lots of information can be contained within business cards regardless of their small sizes. Much more can go into a business card, not just your contact information.

Advertisements can be put on business cards.  Or,  you can give away a  coupon or deal.  You should, however, be cautious not to flood your card with too much information. Don’t bombard the recipients with too many details.

Business Card Printing Tip:  Develop a  landing page for your recipients when they visit the website listed on your business card. Don’t just leave it at the usual website link.

An introductory video that sheds more light on your business can be fitting on such a  page. Exclusive offers such as a bonus gift or a discount can be included on the landing page.

3. Convenient

You can take control of how your business card looks. Even more, you can take charge of where you want it to go.

Discretion on your card’s contents can also help. The size of these cards ensures that they can easily fit in a recipient’s purse or wallet. Binders or special containers are usually used by many people to store business cards for future reference.

Business Card Printing Tip: Many establishments within your local area may permit you to drop business cards for others to pick. Figure out establishments where your target market is likely to visit. Head over and drop off some business cards. This may significantly help your business with exposure.

4. Evergreen Traffic

Ads on the television and radio come and go. Some even last for just about half a minute. Online banner ads tend to last for an even shorter time.

A business card, on the other hand, never stops working. It stays with the customer for as long as it lasts. There’s a higher possibility of a customer reaching out to you for services if he or she sees your business card every time.

Skin rejuvenation clinic MT Medical say they’ve had success in the past using promotional business cards. They note “we’ve handed out promotional business cards in the past, and still receive traffic through that channel. The cost for the cards has long been recovered (and then some) by the conversions that resulted.”

Business Card Printing Tip: In need of a long-lasting business card? Get a dazzling die-cut card that has been developed using a memorable design. You can also incorporate magnet printing for your card to have the ability to stick on metallic surfaces such as your recipients’ fridges.

5. Proven & Effective

Simply put, business cards work.

They are still relevant to many businesses today since they are capable of generating more customers yearly.  Planning is essential when it comes to business cards as with every other advertising medium. The right information should be included in your cards as well as in the right amount. You should also ensure they are passed to the right people.

Business Card Printing Tip:  The whole branding concept of your business and self won’t be covered only by your business card. Still, this card is very critical when it comes to a good first impression. Make sure that the card you design brings out the personality of your business. A comprehensive branding strategy can offer assistance when it comes to this.

Discussed above are only but five benefits of business cards.

There are a ton more!

Don’t downplay this little card’s power when developing your marketing strategy.  These small cards may just be the thing you need to connect with your next client.

Set to embark on the printing your business cards? Chat to the team from RM Gregory Promo Print and nail your business card today!